Mimetis Biomaterials S.L.

Mimetis Biomaterials is a biomedical sector company founded as a spin-off, derived from the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering (BBT) group of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). The need to bring new innovative biomaterials for bone regeneration to the market drives the creation of Mimetis, which currently designs and manufactures the latest generation of synthetic bone grafts. The main challenge of the company is to develop various lines of bimimetic products that provide alternatives to real clinical needs. This includes minimally invasive techniques and customized solutions through three-dimensional printing – 3D printing – as well as clinical research and validation of existing solutions in the sector.

Quality Assurance

CE Marking
ISO 13485
BSI ISO 13485

The importance of the quality management system in the companies providing health services is based on continuous improvement, regulatory requirements and strategic planning. The minimum standards that an institution must have are the quality of its inputs, adequate infrastructure and above all the quality of its final product in addition to many other valuable factors.

The quality in the biomedical sector has to be focused on the patient, managing to maintain the satisfaction of the explicit and implicit needs of its users (patients and healthcare staff). Having a quality management system makes companies much more competitive and offers added value to the patient, thus obtaining products of the highest quality. Mimetis has implemented a management system in which it undertakes to meet customer requirements and achieve compliance with regulations necessary for the design, manufacture, and marketing of its products under the standard of European directives and decrees regulating medical devices.

Mimetis complies with the ISO 13485 Medical Equipment standard (certificate available here), an internationally recognized quality management system (QMS) for manufacturers of medical equipment and related services whose objective is to establish a set of harmonized regulatory requirements for medical systems. quality management within the health products sector; It is the world benchmark of good practices.

Mimetis Biomaterials complies with the legislation of the European Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93/42 / EEC. Each product developed by Mimetis carries the CE marking, granted by the European Union, in its outer packaging in evidence of compliance with the applicable requirements. Mimetis Biomaterials has a clean room with controlled environments in which the production processes necessary for the production of quality medical devices are carried out. The Mimetis Biomaterials cleanroom meets the highest pollution control and cleaning standards within the medical device industry.

History of Mimetis Biomaterials

Logo Mimetis Biomaterials
  • Maria Pau Ginebra, president and co-founder of Mimetis is nominated for the Women Innovator Award 2018

  • Mimetis obtains PID support from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and starts the European project Maxibone for preclinical validation of custom made biomaterials
  • Mimetis starts a post-market clinical study on MimetikOss granules

  • CE marking of MimetikOss, synthetic bone graft
  • Mimetis closes a second round of investment of € 701k
  • Option agreement with a key player in the dental sector

  • Obtaining comparative preclinical tests superior to market standard
  • NEOTEC Public grant from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
  • Entrepreneur XXI and bioentrepreneur XXI awards

  • Mimetis closes its first investment round of € 280k
  • Creation of the company
  • Patents of the biomimetic technology base

Awards and financing

Mimetis Biomaterials has been awarded as the second finalist of the Bio Emprenedor XXI award that recognizes business projects in the life sciences sector with the greatest growth potential.

Mimetis has won the IX Entrepreneur XXI Award in Catalonia, an initiative promoted by Caixa, with the support of Barcelona Activa, and co-managed by the Ministry of Industry.

The Fair rewarded the best innovations this year. MimetikOss, the first biomimetic bone graft on the market and the Mimetis team received:

  • Eureka Jury Prize
  • Eureka Innovation Award
  • Medicine and Health Award
  • Haller PRO INVENTIO Foundation Award

Mimetis has received the award for the best spin-off company of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) 2015 by the Social Council of the UPC in the 10th edition of the Research Valorisation Award. The award distinguishes the work of the UPC research groups.

In 2017, the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness (AEDEEC) awarded the gold medal for merit at work to Mimetis Biomaterials. The medal aims to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit within the European framework to a limited selection of companies, institutions, and professional experts that belong to various sectors, and that have promoted entrepreneurial awareness and the good work of companies.

Mimetis Biomaterials has received support from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through competitive public assistance NEOTEC. The support of more than € 170,000 for two years, granted by MINECO, has accelerated the development of the spin-off company of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

The Mimetis Biomaterials team has obtained a grant from the “Horizon Pyme 2016” line of aid for a total amount of € 63,000. The objective of this public assistance is to favor the identification and technical and economic assessment of new vital opportunities for the company, the result being a business plan for the company. The funding received has been mainly destined to the development of exhaustive market analysis at several levels, focused on the bone regeneration sector in orthopedics and traumatology.

In 2018, the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) granted a public aid of the PID line (Research and Development Projects) of 488,000 euros to Mimetis Biomaterials. The financing received is part of the funds that the company allocates to finance the research and development of the biomimetic base for bone regeneration.

Maxibone consists of different clinical and preclinical trials that aim to validate the efficacy of different biomaterials applied to the bone. Mimetis Biomaterials participates in the project of preclinical validation of biomaterials made to measure using a three-dimensional bioprinting technique: 3D microextrusion. Mimetis has received a grant of 320,000 euros for the realization of this study that will be developed over 4 years ending in 2021.

The aid for industrial doctorate aims to train doctors in companies by co-financing the employment contracts of research personnel in training who participate in an industrial research project that is developed in the company.


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