With an investment of 1.1M€, Bone3Dmatch will accelerate the market introduction of the 4th generation biomaterial in a completely new form (3D-printed scaffolds). Targeting orthopaedics and cranio-maxillofacial, we expect to reach the market in 2020 achieving 4,9M€ in revenues in only 3 years. (Read More)

MIMETIS receives a € 320K grant for its participation in the European project Maxibone

The implementation of this ambitious project will contribute to the positioning of Mimetis Biomaterials at the forefront of innovation and development in the field of bioprinting and bone regeneration technologies.(Read More)

What type of bone graft do patients prefer?

The problem is that many clinicians base their decisions primarily on their areas of expertise and fail to consider the opinion of the patient. In some instances, the source of the dental bone graft material may be considered undesirable or even offensive to the patient due to ethical, cultural, or religious concerns. (Read More)

3D-Printed Bio-Ceramic Scaffolds, A Real Game Changer for Orthopaedic Surgery!

Three-dimensional printing (3DP) is now used regularly in many industries as a way of rapidly prototyping an object. The process has demonstrated outstanding potential over the past decade, and ultimately, the promise of tailoring ‘ideal’ scaffolds using 3DP technology lies in its user-friendly capabilities…. (Read More)